Telling the Stories

Every kitchen has its own story. When we remodel your kitchen, your project will have a story to tell too. For more details about how we work with our clients to create kitchens that best suit their needs, read the stories below.

A Kitchen for the Entire Family

At our first meeting with these clients we sat in their old kitchen on chairs at a fold-out table. The area also held a bookcase on wheels with the television. The cooking end of the kitchen was sandwiched between a refrigerator and oven with very little counter space. They wanted something more than this. They wanted a space where they could do ... read more»

From Ordinary to Gourmet

A complete house remodel allowed us to move walls and create the space for a gourmet kitchen on Capitol Hill. Although we were going to have a good sized space to work with, we still had to determine the best way to configure the space. It was clear that one home owner preferred to do prep and cleanup, while the other preferred to concentrate on ... read more»

Increasing the Space in a Galley Kitchen

The typical DC row house has a small kitchen. Many are so narrow that they are called “galley” kitchens. Most are behind the wall of the dining room and can only be accessed from either end. This client had a typical galley kitchen that they did not like and longed for something more in keeping with their classic home in Northwest DC. They ... read more»

Condo kitchen

Finding the best way to make a small condo kitchen maximize its functionality can be difficult and this kitchen was no exception. The clients original kitchen had cabinetry along the back and side walls, with no corner storage. The stove and refrigerator were next to each other and blocked the only natural light the room had from a south-facing ... read more»

Open Kitchen with Space for Two

How do you create a kitchen which the client loves in a 10 x 10 space? First you listen to what they like and do not like, how they plan to use the kitchen, and what the house will permit us to do. The owners of this town house liked the light coming in from the back of the kitchen – nothing else. The challenges: They both wanted to cook, but ... read more»