From Cramped Quarters to a Family Kitchen


  • Before 1

    Problem - The kitchen was small and the family was large. The client desired a more family friendly layout.
  • After 1

    Solution - We demolished the wall dividing the porch area from the kitchen, which expanded the space tremendously.
  • Before 2

    Problem - There wasn't a functional dining area and the client needed the new space to be functional yet fun.
  • After 2

    Solution - After the tremendous effort of our designers and installers, the client had a space that was functional for their storage needs and fun for their family to gather.
  • 14-qr3xu

    Before—looking onto the old porch.
  • 1-qr3xu

    Large "L" shaped kitchen area facing backyard.
  • 15-qr3xu

  • 2-qr3xu

    Looking back from at the "L" from the far end.
  • 7-qr3xu

    The new seating area with a TV on the wall.