Increasing the Space in a Galley Kitchen

Increasing the Space in a Galley Kitchen

  • Before - Dining Room Wall

    Problem - The homeowner felt trapped in a cave every time they were in the kitchen, however, they did not want to take on the challenge and expense of moving walls or adding onto the property.
  • After - Dining Room Wall

    Solution - We created a pass-thru opening into the dining room, which widened the kitchen area significantly. We were able to accomplish this without taking any usable space from the dining room.
  • Before - Left Kitchen Wall

    Problem - In addition to better space utilization, the homeowner wanted to upgrade their cabinetry and appliances.
  • After - Left Kitchen Wall

    Solution - We installed modern appliances, beautiful cabinetry and breathtaking granite countertops.
  • Before - Right Kitchen Wall

    Problem - The homeowner wanted the kitchen area to open into the dining area so as to allow interaction between the two rooms and eliminate the "cave feeling" the kitchen gave.
  • After - Right Kitchen Wall

    Solution - We created a pass-thru which gave a significant amount of additional work space in the kitchen and allowed the homeowner to interact with guests and family members in the dining area.
  • After - Dining Room, Pass-Thru and Kitchen

    View of new dining area and pass-thru into kitchen.