Making the Most of a Small Space

Making a Small Space Functional

  • Before - Kitchen Entry

    Problem - The client wanted to create a welcoming entry into the kitchen.
  • After - Kitchen Entry

    Solution - We opened up the kitchen area and made it warm and inviting.
  • Before - View of kitchen from dining room

    Problem - The appliances were too close together to make the space functional.
  • After - View of kitchen from dining room

    Solution - We redesigned the layout to make it more functional and give the client more space between task areas.
  • Before - View of peninsula

    Problem - The cabinets and counter top were worn and outdated.
  • After - View of peninsula

    Solution - We installed maple cabinetry with all the amenities and beautiful Silestone counter tops.
  • After - Full view

    We turned a tired, cramped kitchen into a wonderfully functional space!