From Cramped Quarters to a Family Kitchen

Our clients had a small kitchen which needed remodeling. They also had a large family who visited with them constantly. Creating another small kitchen was not the solution, so we designed outside the box and created a large space which would accommodate the entire family. We accomplished this by removing a wall and incorporating an existing porch ... read more»

Changing a Tired Kitchen into a Comfortable Kitchen

Our new clients were tired of their old kitchen. The cabinets had been constructed on site using pine wood, exterior hinges, and inferior internal hardware. The countertop was white formica. The floor was tile which perpetually appeared to be dirty. Change was needed.The first thing we did was to describe what a functional kitchen should have: ... read more»

A Kitchen for the Entire Family

At our first meeting with these clients we sat in their old kitchen on chairs at a fold-out table. The area also held a bookcase on wheels with the television. The cooking end of the kitchen was sandwiched between a refrigerator and oven with very little counter space. They wanted something more than this. They wanted a space where they could do ... read more»

Condo kitchen

Finding the best way to make a small condo kitchen maximize its functionality can be difficult and this kitchen was no exception. The clients original kitchen had cabinetry along the back and side walls, with no corner storage. The stove and refrigerator were next to each other and blocked the only natural light the room had from a south-facing ... read more»