A Kitchen for the Entire Family

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At our first meeting with these clients we sat in their old kitchen on chairs at a fold-out table. The area also held a bookcase on wheels with the television. The cooking end of the kitchen was sandwiched between a refrigerator and oven with very little counter space.

They wanted something more than this. They wanted a space where they could do serious cooking, be together and talk as a family, work on the computer, watch TV and interact with their children, grandchildren and extended family who visit often.

There was no place for all these people and activities to occur in the original kitchen.


Our challenge was to turn this cramped space into a spacious kitchen that could meet all of their needs. The answer was expanding the kitchen into the adjoining back porch, which gave us a very large “L-shaped” space in which to design a new kitchen and living area.

We moved the cooking portion of the kitchen to the center of the “L.” We created a long countertop space with adjacent bookshelves for the grandchildren. We put a large screen TV on the back wall of the porch. When finished we had created a beautiful and functional cooking kitchen for our clients and their children to use together. Between the cooking and countertop areas we put several large pantry cabinets for storage. The refrigerator was inserted into the wall at the inside corner of the “L” creating an excellent cooking triangle.

The kitchen is spacious, able to accommodate the entire family for cooking, eating, playing, and just being together. This space is now the center of activity for the entire extended family. For more pictures of this kitchen click here.