Condo kitchen


Finding the best way to make a small condo kitchen maximize its functionality can be difficult and this kitchen was no exception. The clients original kitchen had cabinetry along the back and side walls, with no corner storage. The stove and refrigerator were next to each other and blocked the only natural light the room had from a south-facing window. The client wanted more usable work space so we set to work making this kitchen functional and attractive.



We expanded the counterAfterx2 and storage space in the kitchen by creating a countertop over new cabinets in the wall separating the room from the living space. We added a counter-depth refrigerator and a blind-corner cabinet with a sink in it opposite the window. Then we installed a full stove, dishwasher and microwave plus attractive cabinets throughout.


When we finished, the client had a new cooking space that was full of charm, functionality and light and that interacted much better with the living space. To see more pictures of this kitchen, click here.