Increasing the Space in a Galley Kitchen

1The typical DC row house has a small kitchen. Many are so narrow that they are called “galley” kitchens. Most are behind the wall of the dining room and can only be accessed from either end.

This client had a typical galley kitchen that they did not like and longed for something more in keeping with their classic home in Northwest DC. They wanted more cooking space – the countertops were small and narrow – and more interaction between the kitchen and the rest of the house.

The solution was to open up the wall to the dining room. We accomplished this by shifting the cabinets in that opening toward the dining area slightly (about 8”) and creating countertop space in the pass thru and on each side of the pass thru in the dining area. We placed the range on the opposite wall directly in line with the pass thru and put a decorative hood over the range. We mirrored the arch of the hood in the arch of the pass thru, adding decorative and functional large cabinets on each side which can be accessed from both sides.

The result was a dramatic kitchen, as can be seen from the pictures. Not only do the clients have significantly more space within which to cook, their kitchen reaches out into the rest of the home.

Counters_v2One can see the dramatic stove and hood while sitting at the dining room table. There is double the countertop space, and significantly more cabinet storage space.

But the most important result is that the clients are now proud of their kitchen. For more images from this kitchen transformation, click here.