Open Kitchen with Space for Two

1  AfterHow do you create a kitchen which the client loves in a 10 x 10 space? First you listen to what they like and do not like, how they plan to use the kitchen, and what the house will permit us to do. The owners of this town house liked the light coming in from the back of the kitchen – nothing else.

Before Pictures

The challenges: They both wanted to cook, but there was not enough counter space for two people. He is taller than normal, so what he wanted for counter height and what she wanted were different. Both hoped for more communication between the kitchen space and the adjacent dining room. The clients loved the natural light that entered the kitchen through the windows on the far wall and did not want to lose this light.

The solutions: We open up the wall, changing the entry to the kitchen and allowing for cabinets to be placed on the wall to the right whichAfter 2 had not been used before. To maintain the light the clients loved, we incorporated the outside light into the upper cabinet design. We brought natural light into the kitchen by removing the backs of the upper cabinets and putting glass in the doors. Next, we created counter space at two different levels, one best for him, the other for her. Then we filled the room with cabinets from floor to ceiling in a color and style consistent with the 60s design of these houses. Special features in the cabinetry met the specific needs expressed by the clients and included a deep sink with a stainless steel washboard, a lazy Susan corner cabinet, a spice rack, and a pull-out pantry cabinet (design panel).

The result: Enthusiastic clients, a show-room kitchen, more than 2½ times the counter space and 2½ times the cabinet storage space than before, as well as better unity with the rest of the home. Now the only problem is the jealous neighbors.

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